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Looking for a fun and effective way to improve your fitness and tennis skills? Try our Cardio Tennis program. Led by experienced coaches, our high-energy workouts combine tennis drills and cardio exercises for a fun, full-body workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness and tennis experience. Sign up today and start feeling the benefits!

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Cardio Tennis Benefits


Cardiovascular Fitness in Action

Experience a high-energy workout while playing tennis with Cardio Tennis, improving endurance, agility, and overall fitness levels.


Engaging Group Environment

Join a social and motivating class, led by enthusiastic instructors who combine tennis drills with cardio exercises for a dynamic fitness routine.


Calorie-Burning Fun

Burn calories, boost metabolism, and shed stress as you enjoy fast-paced drills and games that keep your heart rate elevated.


Total Body Workout

Engage your muscles and core while honing tennis skills, resulting in improved strength, flexibility, and overall physical well-being.

Cardio Tennis | Get Fit and Have Fun | Burleigh Heads Tennis Coaching

Affordable Pricing for You

At Burleigh Tennis, our cardio tennis pricing is competitive and affordable at $15 for a one hour session.

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Our Cardio Tennis Coaching Approach


Energetic Warm-Up

We kick off with an invigorating warm-up routine to get your heart pumping and muscles ready for action.


High-Energy Drills

Engage in fast-paced drills that combine tennis with cardio exercises, improving endurance, agility, and overall fitness.


Dynamic Play

Experience dynamic gameplay with music, partner rotations, and fun challenges that keep the energy high and the excitement constant.


Fitness and Fun

Burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and enjoy a social atmosphere that blends tennis with a heart-pumping workout.

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We have 30 minute and 1 hour private lessons and 2 hour squad lessons. We cater for all your needs and provide lots of equipment including racquets, nets balls, ball machines and lots more.

We have a variety of lessons for all standards and our lessons involve teaching the technical, tactical and mental aspects of tennis to help students achieve the best they can be. We cater for all ages from tiny tots to the very experienced, you’re never to old to learn a new skill.

Our professional qualified coaches are trained to teach you all the best techniques to get the best out of your tennis, we pride our coaching on our service.

All terms go from start to finish of that school term, anyone joining during the term will only pay for the remainder of the term. Once you start a term the term must be completed, you cannot pull out during a term but can switch to another class if suitable, If you are unable to complete a term due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. an injury), you can defer the lessons.

At Burleigh Tennis we have all the equipment you need, all you need to start is a pair of running shoes. Of course bringing a cap is always recommended.We have all racquets sizes, tennis balls and nets for all ages, our Hot Shots equipment is a great hit with the children, this equipment includes smaller nets and slower balls to help younger students grasp the game of tennis more easily.

We all lead busy lives and at times cannot make our lessons due to other commitments or illness. We allow our students to do a make-up lesson for no extra charge during the term. If you miss a lesson please contact me to arrange an appropriate make-up lesson.

Unfortunately we do get washed out sometimes due to rain, I will generally text everyone if it gets rained out, a general rule is it take a fair bit of rain to get washed out as our courts do drain well and if the rain has stopped for 2 hours previous that is generally enough time for the courts to be okay.

If we do get washed out you can organise to do another group class on a different time during the term, please ask me for an alternative time so I can book you child into another class and make up that lesson.

All payments for term classes are to be paid at the commencement of the term and all private classes are paid on the day or in advance. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer.

What Our Clients Say

I enrolled my kids there for a week school holiday programme and we absolutely love it! The Head Coach Michael is great and all the coaches and kids there are great! Definitely recommended to all!

Atmosphere comfort, great people and supportive coaches, hiring courts are very friendly price. Highly recommend tennis club.

My two girls have had private and group lessons with Michael and they are always smiling at the end. Their tennis has progressed amazingly well that they are now are to play a game with me.

Our kids have been coming to Burleigh Tennis for years and love it. Highly recommend.

All of my kids from under 10's—teenagers. Small classes & individual tuition available all at good prices.

Most friendly tennis on the whole of the Gold Coast. Great family friendly athosphere.

Registered coach with Tennis Australia and Hot Shots

Tennis Australia
Hot Shots

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