Aug 2, 2017 • Michael Stevens

What is intensity and is it important have intensity?

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Intensity is an extreme focus and concentration on what you are doing. At Burleigh Tennis we believe most people who are high achievers use intensity.

There are probably many ways to describe intensity but I like to use the example of how you would feel if you were being chased by a bear. I don’t think you would be thinking of anything else but how to get away from the bear.

Intensity is a very important characteristic for all the professional tennis players and without it they would find it very hard to complete at a high level.

There are people that come to or play tennis that already have intensity, but can it be taught? Yes it can, but it does take a lot of discipline as it is not as comfortable as our normal state of being. At Burleigh Tennis we get students who want to learn intensity to imagine how important the stroke you are about to perform is to you, you could imagine you would win a million dollars if you hit it well or you could imagine you would lose a million dollars if you missed it, so it’s basically whatever will bring you in to that state better.

I just want to lastly leave you with this thought and let you make the decision as to whether you want to use it. Would tennis be as enjoyable if you did use intensity? Would you rather feel intensity and win or would you feel better if you lost but did not have that intense feeling. It simply come down to how important it is for you to win as I would not recommend it for everyone as some people want to just enjoy playing tennis while others would not enjoy it if they lost.