Apr 19, 2018 • Michael Stevens

Footwork in Tennis

Footwork is something that is very important in tennis and without the correct footwork we end up wasting a lot of unnecessarily steps and a lot of unnecessary energy to get to the ball. If we can get our footwork right it’s more efficient and then where we’re getting to the ball quicker we’re able to hit the ball a lot better in the right spot. Proper footwork sets up your body balance and puts the top part of your body in the right position and your technique is going to be better. If you haven’t got the right foundation then you can’t expect a good shot and if you are off balance or on the wrong foot or you’ve got there too late you meet the ball too low. It is about getting to the ball and getting in position like getting in and getting your body in the right position or getting on balance. A lot of tennis footwork is just done within a couple of metres. So it’s about quick feet and it is about getting to that right position early.

You get good footwork by practicing different techniques on the court. You learn how to push off on one foot to change direction and then to push off on one foot but then also to use your other foot to get that balance.

We do have to practice a lot of quick step work to get good footwork. Step work such as ladder drills. You imagine a ladder on the ground and then you are putting your feet in between the runs in and out very quickly.