May 10, 2017 • Michael Stevens

How to hit a forehand

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There are many ways to hit a forehand. At Burleigh Tennis, we like our players to hit topspin forehands.

Firstly, we need to find the grip, and one of the easiest ways to find it is to place the racquet on the ground, then pick it up. Most people will find the semi-western grip and this grip, as the best for getting power and topspin on the forehand.

With the correct grip, we should now be in a ready position which is facing the net with the knees slightly bent and the racquet out in front of your body, and elbow bent.

Next, we want to turn the hip and shoulders so the shoulders are now at ninety degrees (90%) from the net, hips don’t turn as much as the shoulders but you will feel a twist or turn and at the same time the racquet goes back with the turn in a set opposition slightly higher than your ready position. Now as you swing forward, your racquet head must drop below the ball so you can hit and brush up the ball on contact. You will want the racquet to keep going up and accelerating in an exaggerated follow through. We like our students to finish the follow through over the shoulder when they first learn.