Feb 18, 2016 • Michael Stevens

Reading the Play

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A lot of people who learn tennis quite often neglect one very important factor. That is reading the ball! To get better at reading the ball you must look at the opponent when they are hitting the ball and try and guess which way the ball is coming back. Start by reading your opponents body movements and the way they are hitting the ball as early as possible.

One way to train yourself to read the ball earlier is to imagine Roger Federer about to hit the ball. Imagine if you don’t read the play, the ball is going to rocket right past you!

Don’t worry if you get it wrong at the start just keep thinking if I don’t read this ball early I will never get to it.

You will start to notice you be more alert and start to notice more minor things that make a difference, the more you practice this the better you will become. Great players can sometimes even read the play before their opponent has hit the ball.